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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When did the school become an Academy

Guilden Morden School became a sponsored academy, and part of the Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust, on 1st November 2016.

How can I find information about the Pre-School ?

You can find more information about the Pre-School by going to the Pre-School page  or by reading the Guilden Morden Pre-School Aims document. Visits to the Pre-school are welcomed and if you would like to do so the contact details are also on the  Pre-School page

What time does the school day start and end ?

The day begins at 9.00am. You are welcome to arrive with your child from 8.50am when a member of staff will be on duty at the school back entrance, accessed through the side gate.

The side gates are locked at 9.00 am to keep the children safe. If your child is late arriving at school, you will need to take your child to the front office. As the register will have been marked, you will be asked to sign in the late book so confirm their attendance. The day finishes at 3.15pm. Children are collected from the school back door.

Children will be encouraged to wash their hands, or use anti-bacterial gel, throughout the day.  This encourages good hygiene within their classroom and school area.


How are the classes organised ?

There are 2 classes:

Class 1 (Owls) for Reception (4-5 year olds), Year 1 and Year 2  (5-7 year olds);

Class 2 (Phoenix) for Years 3, 4, 5 & 6.   (7-11 year olds);

Who teaches the classes ?

Class 1 (Owls) Teacher - Mr Sankey;     

Class 2 (Phoenix)  Teacher - Mrs Wright and Mrs Chandran.

There are 4 teaching assistants – Mrs Smith, Mrs Bester, Mrs Bowyer and Mrs Taran.

Is there a house system in school ?

There are 4 houses – Saturn (red), Venus (green), Neptune (blue) and Jupiter (yellow).

Children join a house when they join the school. Siblings are in the same house. The house system is used at lunchtime, on sports days, the swimming gala, as well as for other whole school activities throughout the year.

Is there a personal reward system in school ?

We strongly believe in encouraging the children to make good choices and do their best. House points are awarded and can be in recognition of effort, good learning behaviour and achieving well with their work. They can also receive an award from the Head Teacher if they reach the star on the top of the class behaviour chart. 

Some children are rewarded each week for working well and being role models of our values as well as being Sports Stars. These awards are presented at Friday’s assembly and their names included in the weekly newsletter.

How much do school meals cost ?

School meals are free for the first three years of school (Reception, Years 1 & 2). For older children, meals costs £2.30 each. Children may have school meals and packed lunches from home, but we would prefer if the same meal pattern is followed each week. Payment for school meals is through our online payment system ‘ParentPay’. When your child joins the school, you will be given log in details for ParentPay.

Where can I find the current lunch menu ?

The current lunch menu is sent home twice a year, and it is also located on our school website. Chartwells provide the meals, which are cooked in our school kitchen. Every child in the first 3 years of school is offered a piece of fruit or vegetable at break time.

Can my child learn a musical instrument in school ?

Children may learn an instrument individually or in pairs. Costs vary. Please ask at the office for details of our music provider through Cambridgeshire Music. A half term’s notice is required if your child wishes to stop taking instrument lessons at school. All children who learn to play a musical instrument in school take part in a concert sometime during the school year.

How do I enrol my child in school club ?

We have a breakfast club (7.45am- 8.50am) as well as an after school club (3.15pm -5.15pm).   These clubs are called ‘Cool School’ Club. Details of the fees can be provided by the office, or are shown on the school website.

How do I order school uniform ?

See the webpage about uniform for more details - School uniform    

Is there a residential trip for the older children ?

Children in Years 5 & 6 take part in an annual short residential trip. This is a fantastic opportunity for the children to experience a wider outdoor curriculum as well as being able to enjoy the social benefits of an extended period together with their classmates and teachers.

What must I do if my child is too poorly to attend school ?

Please contact the school  before 9.00 am, either by email or phone call.

If your child is unwell for more than one day, please keep the school informed.

What will happen if my child becomes poorly whilst at school ?

Your child will be cared for. If we consider that your child is too poorly to remain in school, we will contact you or your other named family contacts in order of your chosen priority, to ask for your child to be collected from school. You will be asked to sign the child out of school in the records book.

What happens if my child is hurt during the school day ?

Your child will be looked after by the first-aiders. If they receive a bump to the head we will send home a ‘head bump letter’ or wristband so that you are aware. If we are concerned about a particular injury, we will contact you.

What happens if my child needs medicine during the school day ?

If you are able to, please come into school to administer the medicine yourself. If you are unable to do so, we will need you to complete a form and bring in the medicine which must be dated and clearly labelled by the pharmacist with your child’s name and the dosage required.

How do I let the school know that my child has a medical appointment during the school day ?

Please email /phone the office with the details of any appointments where your child will need to be taken out of school, so that your child’s teacher knows in advance.

Does my child need a book bag and PE kit in school every day ?

Chilren are asked to wear their house t-shirt for PE or Dance each week.   Children need a book bag and their PE kit at school every day. The book bag returns home every day, and the PE kit returns home every Friday. Please check the book bag for any possible notes being sent home. We would encourage you to spend time sharing your child’s reading book each day.  

When is swimming taught at school ?

We have our own shallow pool. Swimming is taught during the second half of the summer term. Every child swims at least once a week. The PTFA works with the school to run swimming sessions after school.

Is there a weekly school newsletter ?

Each class sends out a weekly curriculum newsletter on Mondays. A newsletter is emailed to parents and friends of the school on a Friday afternoon. The newsletters are also available on the school website. If we send home a letter with a permission slip attached, please complete and sign the slip and return it to the office as soon as possible.

Where can I find out this school’s term dates ?

Term dates will be found within the school information page.