Guilden Morden Church of England (VC) Primary Academy

Together we work to succeed and flourish

Our Vision & Values

Our Vision & Values



  • For all our children to grow as thinking, confident, responsible and caring individuals with clear values rooted firmly in our Christian Ethos.
  • For all our children to reach their full potential through access to an exciting and stimulating curriculum, developing the skills to become life-long learners, whilst meeting the full requirements of the National Curriculum

  • To provide a supportive environment where children and adults feel confident and able to challenge themselves.

  • To provide high quality teaching that meets the needs of all the learners

  • To provide equal opportunities for everyone in the school community to develop personally and professionally in an inclusive,  safe, secure and supportive environment.

  • To maintain co-operative and supportive relationships within the school community of children, families, staff and governors.

  • To maintain a purposeful, attractive, safe and stimulating learning environment.To enable the children to benefit from a school that is an integral part of the local community.

Our Values

We have developed a set of values that incorporates Christian Values, British Values and other Values that the school community has prioritised. We want the children to understand each one, be able to identify role-models of each and be able to apply them to their own choices and beliefs.



Value of the Term