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Childrens Corner

Childrens Corner


Children's Mission Statement

At Guilden Morden Primary School we give children an exciting education which aims to make children love learning. We are a Church School and teach children what it means to be a Christian. We teach children about what it means to be part of the school family and how they are also part of the wider family of people who live in our country. We have small classes so all the staff know the children very well and can make learning exciting for every child.


At Guilden Morden School...

  • teachers help make learning exciting
  • staff help us understand how to be good learners
  • staff help us to learn to read, write and use numbers
  • we know that we learn through mistakes
  • everybody is valued
  • we treat everyone in the school family with respect
  • we work together, including parents/carers


The School Council

At the moment the school council are helping to raise funds for new playground equipment. They have written this letter which is being used for a number of funding requests.


To whom it may concern,

 We are the School Council for Guilden Morden Primary and represent the 47 children in our school. Our council has many responsibilities but our most important goal is to make our school a happy place. 

We are writing to you as we have a huge plan. Recently, our small wooden play structure was knocked down to make way for our 'pre-school' classroom and because it was old it couldn’t be put somewhere else. It was old and root-bound but we loved it!

We currently have a beautiful playing field with a set of goals, a tarmac playground with four ball nets but little else.

We are desperate to have an outdoor play structure and know that this is a very expensive item, so we need your help.

We are looking for a grant to pay for this play structure or part-of as we are willing to fundraise too; we have recently brainstormed ideas of how we can achieve this.

We know that not only would this play structure make our playtime "epic" and our happiness "zoom" but it may also encourage other children to our school as we are very small and hoping to grow.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely

Johnnie, Amelie, Isabel, Leo and Chloe


Thanks to our Tesco bid, grants from GSK, the PTFA and some Sports Premium Fund, we have enough to go ahead and order our Play Equipment.

Watch this space for more information about the installation, which we hope will be early in the Summer Term. 

Well done to the School Council, Governors, PTFA, staff and parents!





 School Council Behaviour Survey


 The School Council designed and carried out a survey about behaviour in the school. They surveyed all of the children in Key Stage 1. They answered questions about how good they thought behaviour was in the whole school and how good they thought their own behaviour was.

The overall outcomes were 73% for whole school behaviour and 83% for own behaviour. This shows a mismatch between the children's perceptions of their own and others' behaviour, particularly in year 2.


On finding this out, the School Council have decided to promote the good behaviours that we all want to see in each other. They have decided to do a poster competition so that we have posters around the school to help remind everyone of the expectations.



  Poster Competition March 2018