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Childrens Corner

Childrens Corner

 Children's Mission Statement

At Guilden Morden Primary School we give children an education which aims to make children love learning and enjoy being in school. We are a Church School and teach children what it means to be a Christian. We teach children about what it means to be part of the school family and how they are also part of the wider family of people who live in our country. We have small classes so all the staff know the children very well and can spend focused  learning time with each child. The children all know each other well and help each other in many ways.


At Guilden Morden School...

  • everybody is valued
  • teachers help make learning enjoyable
  • they help us understand how to be good learners
  • we know that we learn through mistakes
  • we treat everyone in the school family with respect
  • we work together, including parents/carers


Recently We had World Book Day.

We worked together to create a book.

Please Read it by clicking here.






The School Council

The school council are

  • Ophelia
  • Freddie
  • Kayden
  • Devon
  • Martha
  • Ephram
  • Sophie


In 2019/2020 the school council are being trained up to be part of the "Conflict Resolution Team" to help to help resolve any conflicts and make sure that playtimes are fun for all.

They are also helping with some fund raising events.


Last Year's Achievements

Last year the School Council helped with fund raising for Children in Need

They also helped the whole school community to raise funds for new playground equipment by writing a letter asking for funding and  byencouraging everyone to be involved.

They designed and carried out a survey about behaviour in the school. We then talked in school about people often judging their own behaviour better than that of others

The School Council ran a poster competition so that we have posters around the school to help remind everyone of the expectations and what we mean by good learning behaviours.

These were the winners