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Class 3: Magpies

Class 3: Magpies

Class 3 Poems February 2019

In The Abyss Of The Wondering Sea


Through the oceans of mysteries,

I ponder behind the rocks, as a dark shadow passes by.


On the corn yellow sand,

My fingers run through it, while the give me a welcoming invite.


Around the seas blue glow,

I respectively look at the canape of trees, as they shimmy through the wind.

Above the oceans surface,

I gaze up to the white fluffy candy floss, while the sea calmly scrapes the black salty pebbles.


In the abyss of the wondering sea,

My soul quietly transforms into darkness, as the ocean claims its next victim.


Behind the oceans innocent face,

I decide to investigate, while my heart wants to find out more.


by  Brooke Richards



In The Dungeon Of Death


In the dungeon of death, I heard

Withered souls screeching to be heard

The scraping of claws scratching rapidly on the decayed walls

And screaming voices echoing down the hall ways.


In the sea of serendipity, I captured

A long lost boat drifting ashore

A key once lost stumbles along his owner

And a withered soul restored with hope.


Upon mounts of sadness, I saw

Tears roll down my sorrow face like boulders

The floor shuddering as I grunt in misery

And a boulder like tear brushes all population afar.


In the mountains of hope, I realized

All my problems melt away like snow in a blazing summer day, as if nothing bad had ever happened to me.



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Autumn 2018

Magpies visited Ely Cathedral for School's Day. The day was focused on World War I and finding out more about the lives of ordinary people during the war.









Spring 2018

Grafham Water Residential Trip

Look at all the fantstic experiences we had.



Purple Day

Well done to Isobel for creating this lovely poem on "Being Unique" as part of our Purple Day Homework


 Autumn 2017

Visit to Duxford Imperial War Museum




Class 3 learned so much from some of the older members of the local community when they enjoyed a World War II tea party together.