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Curriculum Aims & Overview

Curriculum Aims & Overview


Guilden Morden Primary School aims to serve its pupils and community by providing education of the highest quality.


It is our aim that our curriculum is:

  • Broad and covers the whole range of the subjects of the National Curriculum
  • Balanced in terms of giving appropriate focus to core areas of learning, but also sufficient time to all other areas to enable the children to fully develop the required skills, knowledge and understanding
  • Progressive through the school so that children accumulate knowledge and skills
  • Enriched by activities that are fun, motivating and memorable and  trips, visits and visitors that provide expertise and opportunities beyond those available within the school.
  • Inclusive so that all children have their needs met
  • Underpinned by our Christian values and ethos

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As we have mixed year groups within each class, we have a 2 year cycle to avoid unnecessary repetition, provide the progression over time and to ensure the development of the key skills. (Please click on the links at the bottom of the page to access the 2 year plan)


This is what Ofsted (October 2019) say about our curriculum:

"Staff have worked together to design a curriculum that successfully meets the needs of pupils in the school’s mixed-age classes. The curriculum is organised so that pupils learn the right thing in the correct order.

The curriculum provides all pupils with rich experiences that is likely to leave them with lifelong memories of their time at the school. Staff plan activities that broaden pupils’ horizons and encourage them to have high aspirations for themselves."



Further information about our curriculum

Please also use the tabs at the side of this page to access further information about the specific subjects.

This National Curriculum comprises of core subjects:

  • English,
  • Mathematics,
  • Science

And foundation subjects:

  • History,
  • Geography,
  • Design and Technology,
  • Art, Music,
  • Physical Education (PE),
  • Computing,
  • Religious Education 
  • MFL (Modern Foreign Languages)


There are other planned opportunities that make up the wider curriculum. Teaching and Learning, is differentiated to match ability and makes the most of our developing provision in ICT and computing to support this.

We believe passionately in giving the children ownership of their learning. We support our children in aiming for success – Together, we work to succeed – in order to make the most of their learning opportunities. Guilden Morden Primary School believes in an active partnership between school, pupil and home. We take every opportunity to enrich the curriculum with outside providers, local resources, the church, trips and visits, enrichment days, whole school themed weeks and extra–curricular opportunities.



The Early Years curriculum covers the Pre-school and the Reception children in Class 1. It is split into seven areas of learning, three prime areas and four specific areas


  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)
  • Physical Development (PD)
  • Communication and Language (CL)


  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design


Key Stage 1

In Key Stage 1 we follow a creative curriculum where we link our work through half termly topics. All children are taught Literacy skills (reading and writing) and numeracy skills daily (usually in the morning). All children have regular phonics sessions, which are based on the Read, Write Inc programme initially, then move into Letters and Sounds in year 2. Through our topics, we also teach science, history, geography, art and design, PE, music and Computing. In addition children are taught RE and PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship education). The topics are planned to take into account children’s interests but also to provide a broad knowledge base and ensure key skills are taught and learnt.

Key Stage 2

In Key Stage 2 we follow a creative curriculum where we link our work through half termly topics. All children are taught literacy and numeracy daily. In the afternoon, children follow a topic led, creative curriculum based on a curriculum focus, which may be geography or history . RE and Science are taught as separate topics . Children are also taught art and design, music, PE and Computing. We teach Spanish as a modern foreign language. In addition PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education) is taught.


If you would like to find out more about the curriculum we follow, please speak to your class teacher or the Headteacher.