Guilden Morden Church of England (VC) Primary Academy

Together we work to succeed



Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

SMSC underpins a lot of the work we do to create the ethos that enables:

  • our children to grow as thinking, confident, responsible and caring individuals with clear values rooted firmly in our Christian Ethos.
  • us to provide a supportive environment where children and adults feel confident and able to challenge themselves.

It is reflected in the attitudes and relationships within and around the school and is specifically taught as part of some topics, within PSHCE and within RE



We approach Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education in a number of ways at the school. We devote one lesson a week to PSHCE and the wide range of issues it embraces. We follow whole school themes related to the Social Emotional Aspects of Learning resources. We also have a full programme linked to children developing the skills to keep themselves safe in a variety of different situations e.g. internet bullying, road safety,  peer pressure.

Through Assemblies we celebrate, share and uphold the values we hold as a community and regularly talk about a variety of different topics related to celebrating differences and citizenship.

We have an established Code of Behaviour. We aim towards becoming successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens with a sense of pride in all they do. The behaviour management policy outlines our expectations for all to show respect for people around us.

Community groups are invited into school to extend an understanding of PSHCE topics e.g. Community Police, School Nurse, Fire Brigade.   


Religious Education 

RE follows the agreed syllabus and is taught within RE themes. We are now using a scheme called Understanding Christianity as part of our RE curriculum. The aim of religious education is to enable children to develop an understanding of the nature of religion, its beliefs and practices. Children acquiring knowledge of religion, exploring and reflecting on human experience, as well as developing sensitive attitudes will achieve this. Children will be encouraged to use our 3 core Christian values of Friendship, Forgiveness, and Trust to develop social and emotional skills.

Parents retain the right to withdraw their children from religious education. In such cases, this is done after prior arrangement with the Head teacher, and alternative arrangements are made.