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Purple Day

Purple Day

DEMAT Purple Day

In recognising mental health awareness week, the classes participated in a special day of promoting wellbeing and positive body image. The whole school had an assembly thinking about “Our Bodies” and how we should appreciate who we are and be careful to only say kind and thoughtful things about others.

Class 1 watched a video of Princess Kate talking about emotional well-being and have been doing their ‘Beanie Babies’ relaxation techniques to help them feel calm.

Class 2 have been writing positive and thoughtful statements about their class-mates (chosen randomly, therefore not just their usual friends) and then reading the encouraging statements about themselves.

Class 3 have watched Newsround coverage of Mental Health Week. They have been reading quotes by celebrities about promoting mental health. The have been thinking about their own unique traits and celebrating their individuality. They have also reflected on the unrealistic expectations of the media regarding the way we look and the extra-ordinary efforts that celebrities go to look as they do.

The Dove Self Esteem project has some very useful resources to help parents to boost children and young people's mental health and to be more body confident in a connected world. Click this link fro more information dove-self-esteem-project