Guilden Morden Church of England (VC) Primary Academy

Together we work to succeed and flourish




 We want all children and their families to feel welcome and involved at Guilden Morden Cof E Primary Academy. Our behaviour expectations are built on having a therapeutic approach to behaviour. With our core Christian values of friendship, courage, love and respect, we are committed in ensuring that every member of the school community has the right to be able to realise their full potential in a secure, safe and enriching learning environment.

At Guilden Morden, we see all behaviour is communication. To describe behaviour we use then terms ‘pro-social’, that which is helpful to those around me, and ‘anti-social’, that which is destructive to those around me because it is difficult or dangerous. Dangerous behaviour is where there is a significant risk of injury to our self, other people, damage to property or committing a criminal offense. Pro-social behaviour and appropriate discipline are essential if effective teaching and learning are to take place.  We promote the idea of internal discipline through:

  • Fostering high quality relationships
  • Role modelling
  • Consistency
  • Scripts and routines
  • Positive phrasing
  • Planning
  • Reward and positive reinforcement
  • Comfort and forgiveness
  • *Step On training materials
  • Appropriate physical intervention

*Step On is training in de-escalation. It emphasises the importance of consistency and teaching internal, rather than imposing external, discipline. It focuses on care and control, not punishment.


Our School Rules

  • I am ready to learn and allow others to learn.
  • I use kind hands, kind feet and kind words.
  • I look after my school.