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Admissions into Guilden Morden Church of England (VC) Primary Academy

Our school’s catchment area consists of the villages of Steeple Morden, Guilden Morden and surrounding villages. We really welcome visits by prospective parents and are happy to show them around.

‘Reception-aged’ children are admitted to school in the September of the school year in which they become five years old. The school year runs from September 1st to August 31st of the following year. Parents of children in other year groups can apply at any time. If the year group is full the parents will be offered the right to appeal.

Although we are an academy school, the Local Authority (LA) takes responsibility for all admissions. Please follow this link for further details.


In early October the LA Primary Admissions Booklets, which includes the common application form, is sent to all pre-schools settings and libraries. Parents requesting a place for September 2019 must obtain a booklet and submit their preference forms or apply online to the LA during autumn 2018.

Schools are notified of their allocation lists in April when the LA sends letters of offer to parents. It would help us to start to plan ahead if parents choosing Guilden Morden Church of England Primary Academy also complete our own admission enquiry form.


Places are allocated according to our Published Admission Number (PAN) and the LA’s admissions criteria. Since September 2009, our PAN has been 10. If our school is over-subscribed, criteria for selection will follow the LA admission priority:

  • verified medical need
  • residence in the catchment area of this school (Guilden Morden or Steeple Morden)
  • sibling registered at this school on the date of admission
  • applications from out of catchment area according to proximity

Reception children about to enter our school are given the opportunity to spend time in school before admission. Parents are also invited to meet their child’s teacher and other staff at a ‘meet our school’ afternoon.

Before your child starts school, we ask you to fill in a medical form. Please keep us updated of any changes. We also need to see your child’s ‘long’ birth certificate to verify legal details as well as confirm Parental Responsibility.

Our new Reception children have a phased start during September. This phased organisation gives us valuable time to spend with parents to help settle the children quickly and effectively into school. For children who are part of our Pre-school, The Ark, the process of getting to know the school, the staff and the other children starts during the year before they are due to come over to the school.

During the July, before they start school, the new Reception children are invited to taster sessions. This enables them (and you) to start to get to know the environment and the staff.

At the start of September, we plan home visits to support the transition process. Reception start during the 2nd week back in September. They have a staggered start.

  • One week of mornings only

  • One week of mornings and lunchtime (going home after lunch)

  • They will then join us for the full day.

If there are specific needs, then we will negotiate this process with their parent in order to ensure the child settles into school effectively.

Please note that future arrangements may change.


For further information about any issues relating to applications including appeals (the process, the forms and the timetable), please follow this link